Homeless Liaison – Jessica Jones

Peru High School

Head of Guidance

Phone: 765-472-3301 ex. 2178

Email: jejones@peru.k12.in.us


Life is uncertain, but your child’s education doesn’t have to be.

Even if you lack a permanent residence, your children can receive help to stay in their home school district.


The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Ace can possibily help provide school stability for your child if you do not have permanenet housing and you find yourself in the following sceanrios:

·         Staying with friends or family because you lost housing

·         Living in a shelter

·         Staying in motels because you cannot get your own home


·         Living on the streets, in a car, van, tent, or other non-permanent structure

Please contact your school corporation’s McKinney-Vento representative/liaison if you have questions about how to get this type of assistance for your child. Peru Community School's Homeless Liaison has listed her information at the top of the page.

Please visit the following websties for more information and resources: