Much of what you will read and hear about right now is called the 6 traits of writing.  Below are the "traits" that many teachers and students will be talking about and a little bit about what they are.  The +1 part of the traits is presentation.  I would imagine that these words are used often in the classroom and children would know what you were talking about if you asked them.  Check in at another time and this page will contain more detailed information about each trait.

IdeasIdeas are just that...things for students to write about.  But the ideas trait is more than just finding something to turn into a story.   Selecting an idea, (topic), narrowing it down, elaborating on the idea (developing ), and then using the best information you have to get the idea across to the reader (detailing) will give you a fabulous start to a great writing piece.

OrganizationTo put it most simply, organization is gathering your  ideas and putting them into some sort of order to create a great piece of work.  A writing usually contains what we call the writer's "high five"...a bold beginning, a mighty middle (usually at least 3 paragraphs or main ideas) and an excellent ending.  Some teachers and students prefer graphic organizers to help the student organize their ideas.  Others prefer listing.  Some just like to begin writing, but this can lead to writing off topic.

Word ChoiceThis trait teaches the writer how to use the right word in the right place, using words that give the reader a more vivid picture, creates a feeling that enriches the writing and causes the reader want to read more, and gives the visual stimulation for the reader to actually "feel" the message the writer is trying to convey.

A piece of writing is like a's a whole lot better when it has all the ingredients!

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