Peru High School

401 N. Broadway
Peru, IN 46970

(765) 472-3301 Fax (765) 472-5148

2014-15 Profile

Mr. Jason Cary, Principal

                             Sarah Graham, Head of Guidance

Mr. Paul Frye, Asst. Principal

                             Christa Crabill, Guidance Counselor

Mr. Chuck Brimbury, Athletic Director

                             Tiffany Raidy, Guidance Counselor    



Community: Peru is a typical small mid-western community with a few notable exceptions. It is a community rich in circus and Indian heritage. Especially noteworthy are the Circus City Festival held in July each year involving more than 200 young people, the Miami County Historical Society and Museum, the Ole Olsen Memorial Theatre Group, and the Cole Porter Fine Arts Foundation. With a population of approximately 13,000, Peru is the county seat of Miami County. Peru is a multiethnic community with a school population of about 1 % Asian, 3 % Black, and 1 % Hispanic, 2 % Native American , 3% Multiracial and 91% White. The realignment of the Grissom Air Force Base to the Grissom Aeroplex has significantly impacted the community economically. Other major sources of employment are small businesses and industry. The Grissom Redevelopment Authority continues to generate interest from businesses, companies, etc., looking to expand or relocate their operations.

School Data: Peru has two public elementary schools, one junior high school and one public high school. Additional programs and services are provided by the vocational school 15 miles away, the special education program servicing EH, MI, LD and MO students locally, and an alternative school serving the schools of the county. Peru High School is a four year comprehensive high school that is accredited by the Indiana Department of Education and North Central Association. PHS has approximately 640 students and a faculty of about 52. There are 3 full-time administrators, 3 full-time counselors, 47 full-time and 4 half time teachers, 1 librarian, and one teacher as a writing specialist. Two main technology technicians care for Peru Community School Corporation's network, including nine computer labs at the high school, as well as providing networking within the community. Continued use of state of the art technology is an ongoing goal.

Curriculum: Peru High School has academic, business, vocational, and general curricula to meet the needs of all students. A wide variety of advanced courses, basic courses, and special education classes are offered. Every effort is made to challenge students yet schedule students in appropriate programs. Our higher level courses include, but are not limited to, English 9 Honors, English 10 Honors, English 11 Honors, English 12 Honors/W131 for dual credit, Geometry Honors, Algebra II Honors, AP Calculus (AB)-Dual Credit, AP Calculus (BC)-Dual Credit, PLTW Human Body Systems-Dual Credit, PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science- Dual Credit, PLTW Medical Interventions-Dual Credit, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology- Dual Credit, AP US History, PLTW Intro to Engineering Design- Dual Credit, PLTW Digital Electronics- Dual Credit, Intro to Construction- Dual Credit, PLTW Principles of Engineering- Dual Credit PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture- Dual Credit, Music History/Appreciation-Dual Credit, Digital Citizenship/Information Communication-Dual Credit, Food and Nutrition Careers I & II-Dual Credit, and Education Professions-Dual Credit.

Calendar/Class Time/Grades/Class Rank: Peru High School uses a Trimester system. The school year is divided into three twelve week terms, with two grade reporting periods each term. The school day is comprised of five 70 minute periods, plus 30 minutes for lunch and a 25 minute Student Resource Time (SRT). Grades in progress are given each six weeks. Final term grades are computed with most courses receiving one credit per term (12 weeks). The GPA is not weighted and is based on a 12 point scale with A+ = 12. Students must earn 50 credits to graduate with at least 8 terms of English, 6 terms of math, social studies and science, 2 terms of PE, and 1 term of Health.