- NEW for the 2014-15 School Year (for 7th through 12th Grades)

Students will be provided with an email address, and an online portal to Microsoft Office365.
Your email address will begin with your school network logon and end with

Your User ID for the Office365 Portal begins with Your School User ID as well, but ends with

The format of your email address is; your Graduation Year, then your first initial, then your middle initial, then your full last name.
You will be provided with your password on your first day of school, or during registration/enrollment.
To find out more about your School E-Mail, click this link.

With Microsoft Office365 Pro Plus for Students, you will be able to install the full Microsoft Office Suite on up to 5 devices for FREE!
Just log into your portal, click the settings icon (looks like a gear in the top-right corner), and choose "Install Software".
The latest version of the full Microsoft Office Professional Suite will be installed on the device you currently are logged on from.

Every classroom will be equipped with Microsoft Surface Pro Devices, with the latest Windows 8.1 Professional Operating System..
So you will have the same device, and same environment no matter which class you are in.

You will have 25 Gigs of Cloud Storage, in Microsoft OneDrive (part of Office365 Pro Plus for Students).

In Microsoft Office365, you will have access to the following features:
  • Office Web Apps (full featured web version of Microsoft Office)
  • OneNote (your complete note-taking, organizing, and collaborating software )
  • OneDrive (your complete cloud storage, linked to your windows computer)
  • E-Mail (full featured E-Mail via Outlook WebApp)
  • SharePoint (your online posting and editing documents, and blogging resources)

- For 3rd through 6th Grades

Every Classroom will have 1 to 1 capabilities with Dell Multi-Core Laptops, with the latest Windows 8.1 Professional Operating System and all the same access to Microsoft Office Professional and Office 365 Pro Plus.

Check back on this page often as more information will be posted soon.