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Watkins, Sam(Superintendent)Ext: 2403
Durrwachter, Dan(Assistant to the Superintendent)Ext: 2428
School Board
Mullett, Ron(President, Peru Park Board Rep, ISBA Rep)Ext:
Quin, Gregory(Vice President)Ext:
Justice, Brittany(Secretary & Athletics Rep)Ext:
Ellis, Jarrod(Art Collection Advisory Rep)Ext:
Rogers, Brad(Athletics Rep)Ext:
Wagner, Charles(Heartland Career Center Rep)Ext:
Wolfe, Chris(School Board member)Ext:
Technology Department
Davis, Isaac(Educational Tech)Ext: 2269
Lambrecht, Justin(Educational Tech)Ext: 2303/2617
Moon, Dave(Technology Technician)Ext: 2150
Morris, Amber(Educational Tech)Ext: 2567
Morris, George(Director of Technology)Ext: 2406
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