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Location#: 1C2
Artist: George Braque
Nationality: French
Date Made:
Classification: Abstract/Cubism
Title: Still Life-Sujet Mythologique
Piece Description: This sketchy, abstract design features color blocking and foreshadows Braque's development of Cubism
Medium: Lithograph in Color
Technique: What technique was Line Drawing
Dimensions: 25" X 13 1/2 "
Artist Bio:
  • DOB/DOD: 1882/1963
  • Home-Town: Little House on Argenteuil, France
  • Education: Braque studied at the Academie Braque studied at the Académie Humbert
  • Additional Info: His father was an amateur artist and Braque himself was influenced by the Fauvists. Braque was wounded in WW1; during his recovery, he wrote collections of aphorisms, “Thoughts and Reflections on Painting,” which illustrated the thought behind cubism. He used intense color for emotional and decorative effects. He was also the earliest creators of collage.
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